ESTA Overview:

20:00 - 21:45, Friday
07:00 - 07:45, Saturday

15:30, Sunday

Camp Robert L. Boucher
50 Airport Street, NE
Ephrata, WA

Map: See below right

$42.00 - Payment due upon arrival

Cost includes the following:

- Overnight Stay at Camp Robert L. Boucher
- Dining Facility (DFAC)
- Food/Hydration
- Fuel/Transportation for training



- CAP Membership Card (or temporary from eServices)
- CAP-101 Card
- Curry Award Completed
*GES CAPT-116 Online test completion

Sr. Officers:

CAP Membership Card (or temporary from eServices)
- CAP-101 Card
- Level 1 Completed
*CPPT Completed
*GES CAPT-116 Online test completion

*The GES CAPT-116 online test may be completed on-site.  However, it must be completed prior to ES training.



All: BDU or ABU per CAPM 39-1

Sr. Officers: 

Student and Field
- Instructors: BDU or ABU per CAPM 39-1

Active Flight Crew ONLY:
Flight Suit per CAPM 39-1

Classroom-Only Instructors:
- BDU, ABU, Blues per CAPM 39-1  --OR-- Corporate Uniform per CAPM 39-1

Items to Bring:

Additional Information:
See Attendee Information page.

For full course descriptions, see the Curriculum page. (Pending Update)

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ESTA Drill Training:  
ESTA for April (28-30APR17) registration is open. Please check this website weekly for activity status pending weather conditions.

Additionally Registration for May's ESTA is available as well. (5-7MAY17)

More details to come, thank you for your patience as we progress into the future. 

Registration Fee:
$42.00 per person for the weekend.

NOTE: ALL CADETS must have their CAPID and be in uniform to regulation standards upon arrival. CAPID, signed documents and payment are to be ready at sign in with the administration officer.

Upcoming Drill: 28-30 April 2017
Pending Weather Conditions!
Courses Offered:
GES, ICS100, ICS700 - Capt Jim Kelly
GTM3 w/Survival Completion (Special Packing Requirements)  - Maj Gedaliah Scharold
Orientation Flights - Pending Weather Conditions
Flight Line Training - 1ST Lt Robert Pimpiano & C/1ST LT Tyler Bennett

Upcoming SAREX: Pending (Currently in Planning Phase)

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Remember that the price for the weekend at ESTA is $42 per person for the weekend 
Required forms:  You still must arrive with the appropriately signed paperwork listed:
  • Completed and signed CAPF-31.  
  • Medical forms CAPF-160CAPF-161 for everyone
  • CAPF-163 for cadets.
  • PAYMENT Forms: Check or Money order only, no cash accepted. (Checks must be written to the Washington Wing CAP PRC-WA001. MEMO-ESTA)
Staff Support Positions:

Please list any positions that you would be willing to perform over the weekend.  This is extremely helpful in appropriately staffing the event.
We look forward to seeing you all.  
Travel safely...


Map to: Camp Robert L. Boucher, Ephrata, WA

Camp Robert L. Boucher

Vision, Mission, About

ESTA Vision Statement:
"Excellence in Emergency Service Performance."

ESTA Mission Statement:
"The mission of the Emergency Services Training Academy is planned, structured, and innovative "success-based" instruction in the fundamental and operational components of the Civil Air Patrol Emergency Services Program, leading to the consistently outstanding readiness of Washington Wing’s mission-related assets.”

About ESTA:
The Emergency Services Training Academy holds training events on the 3rd weekend of the month -- excepting July and August.  Each activity is held at Camp Robert L. Boucher in Ephrata, WA -- located on the Ephrata Municipal Airport.  During these events there are excellent opportunities for Cadets and Sr. Officers of every level to learn, grow and succeed in Emergency Services specialties. Our courses are thorough and demanding, and usually require at least a 2-month sequence to fully embrace and demonstrate the required knowledge for completing qualification.  Even after attending just one session, the results are tangible and can be followed up at the squadron level, at a training mission or even at Washington Wing's outstanding GSAR Academy.   We are dedicated to building friendships in an atmosphere of teamwork and excellence, and building the skills to be outstanding assets to our communities, state, and nation.

For the long range view of our planned training schedule, please see our 2016-2017 Training Plan.