Attendee/Parent Info.

Attendance Details


  • Camp Robert L. Boucher is located at 50 Airport St., Ephrata, WA.
    • A map of this location is at the bottom of our Home page.


  • We request that ALL attendees pre-register for ESTA by going to the Registration page.
    • This allows us to better plan for the coming event.
    • Pre-registration closes at 1900 on the Wednesday prior to the Academy weekend.
  • Check-in Time: Friday 2000-2130 or Saturday 0700-0745
  • Check-out Time: Sunday 1530

Fee for the weekend

  • Registration Fee = $42.00
  • This includes: 
    • dormitory/barracks lodging, 
    • all meals Saturday through lunch on Sunday, and 
    • all training (with very few certification and equipment/supplies exceptions)
  • Registration assistance for those in need are available (if not from your squadron).
  • Payment is DUE no later than the time of registration. 

Training Pre-Requisits:  

  • All Emergency Services training activities require the prior completion of online General Emergency Services training -- also known as GES Training.  Both the training materials and the GES test (CAPT-116) are available online.
    • If you have not completed your CAPT-116 GES test, you will need to complete that on-site prior to participating in the other training opportunities.
  • Most Emergency Services specialty qualifications require basic competence in the Incident Command System (ICS) and thereby require completion of FEMA's IS-100 and IS-700 classes at a minimum.  
  • Since Camp Robert L. Boucher has an active flightline right outside its front door, and regularly conducts aircraft operations during ESTA weekends, we request that all who participate complete the Aircraft Ground Handling training.

Packing Items:
  • Please review the Packing List page for do's and don'ts about what to bring with you to ESTA.

Paperwork to Bring with you:

• Cadets- 

  • CAPF-31 Required for all attendees. (Cadets need both forms signed by squadron commander and Parents every time.)
  • CAPF-160CAPF-161 for everyone, and CAPF-163 for cadets.
  • Current CAP membership card.


  • CAPF-31 Required for all attendees. (Signed by squadron commander.)
  • CAPF-160 & CAPF-161 for everyone.
  • Current CAP membership card.

Please email questions to: We welcome your feedback on the registration process as we strive to improve.